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Carbon Fiber Heated Insoles Shoes Warmer Charged USB Charging Cables

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Material: Carbon Fiber
Color: Black
Insole Thickness: 5mm
Type: Forefoot, Full Foot

♦ Suitable for both men and women.
♦ Delicate sewing provides long service life.
♦ Nice accessories for keeping warm in Winter.
♦ Cuttable, you can make it the best size for you.
♦ Solid black appearance, dirtproof and dustproof.
♦ Made of premium carbon fiber for disinfection and deodorization.
♦ Exquisite processing ensures soft and comfortable feeling.

(1) In order to avoid prolonged heating, please unplug the power supply when not in use.
(2) Old people and children need to be used under supervision.
(3) In order to protect the heating chip, please don't wear electric hot shoe insole to do strenuous exercise.
(4) Cleaning the electric insole can be cleaned like a normal insole, and then please dry when using it.
(5) This insole should be plugged in and heated to keep warm, suitable for home, office, computer family use.
You can choose this insole if you don't move around often. This model does not have continuous thermal insulation function.

Package Included:
2 x Shoes Pad
1 x USB Cable
1 x Size Card

1. After receiving the insole, don't cut it at will, please according to your size and using tne size card to cut it to your corresponding size.
2. Manual measurement, please allow 1-2mm error, thank you.