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Navel Paste Slim Patch Sheet Slimming Patch

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Belly Wing Slimming Patch
All patch ingredients comes from natural herbs and plant extracts.
SOPHORICOSIDE, a Japanese tree extract strong agent for anti-obesity & fat burn.
CAPSACIN, a chili extract, destroying cellulite.
CAFFEINE, destroying cellulite and brings body elasticity for firming effects.
CATECHIN, preventing body fat.
FAR INFRARED & NAGATIVE ION, improve body metabolism and blood circulation.
Clean the skin. Make sure the surface is not wet.
After opening, avoiding the wound sites were applied.
It is recommended you use it every 2 days, not every day. Each use time is 8 hours, the longest can stick to 10 hours.
Appropriate exercise plus a reasonable diet, the effect is better.
In the case of itching while using it, take cold pack once per 2 - 3 days.
General Instructions for Use :
If you have any symptoms following the use of this product, stop using the product immediately. If you keep using it, symptoms may get worse, therefore, consult with a dermatologist. In the case of occurring red blotches, skin irritation, and stimulation consult with a dermatologist.
Keep away from direct sunlight.
Do not use on spots with injury, edema, or dermatitis.
Instructions for storage and handling :
Keep out of reach from infants and children.
Keep away from high and low temperature and direct sunlight.
If it contacts with eyes, rinse with running water immediately.
Risk-Free External Treatment as it is for external use only, there is no risk of side effect.
Unlike diet pills, it's totally risk-free and no harmful at all.
Skin water base glue.
Adopting irritation-free & natural base glue, it is not sticky and enables skin breathe.
Proven effects 'Weight Loss', the patch will burn the fat and reduces your weight.
Size reduction effect, reducing by regular usage.
Enhancing metabolism, detoxification process helps body improve your body metabolism.